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Cockburn`s Port

Cockburn's Port 'Tails of the Unexpected' - Ruby Soho / 75cl

Cockburn's Port 'Tails of the Unexpected' - Ruby Soho / 75cl

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A new generation at Cockburn’s challenged their winemakers to produce a range of experimental ports – using the highest-grade lots usually reserved for their best wines. Ports that are fresh, lively, and can stand on their own two feet regardless of how you drink them: mixed or neat. Ports without limitations.

Taking their lead from Soho tradition, they’ve raided the recipe book and recreated their favourite ruby blend from the heyday of the iconic port and lemon – the drink behind a million tails (we’ll show ourselves out...). This is Ruby Soho: a delicious premium ruby port brimming with character. Taken from the past and remade for the present.

Bright aromas of blackberry fruit and toffee complement succulent red and black fruit flavours. Great freshness and balance are topped off with moments of explosive peppery spice.

Cockburn's Port

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