So, what's new?

So, what's new?

Many of you will be familiar with Connolly's Wine Merchants, proudly occupying our site on Dovehouse Parade for over a decade.  If you've been past in recent weeks you may have noticed some changes and are wondering 'what gives?'

Essentially - very little!  Yes, the name has changed, but fundamentally little else.  We're no longer part of Connolly's (but remain on very friendly terms), we're still the team you're familiar with, it's still the same faces who were serving you before the switch.  We're sure things will change, but not too drasticallly and, we hope, only for the better.

If you have already booked tickets for tastings, or you have a Connolly's Wine Merchants Gift Voucher that you were intending to spend, don't worry.  Our tastings are continuing as before, with existing bookings honoured, and we'll still be accepting Connolly's vouchers for some time to come.


Come in and say 'Hi', we're looking forward to seeing you.

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