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Weingut Bibo Runge

Bibo Runge Provokateur / N.V. / 75cl

Bibo Runge Provokateur / N.V. / 75cl

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Here we have Bibo Runge's fantastic Sekt blended with a splash of red wine to create this delicious, red-rose stained sparkler. We have no idea what it's blended with. After tasting it, every suggestion we came up with was greated by a shake of the head and an enigmatic smile from Markus Bonsels of Bibo Runge. Apparently it's a closely guarded trade secret. All we know is that the perfectly judged "splash" brings just the right amount our sweet, red summer fruits to the party without masking the quality of the Sekt it's based on.

Bibo Runge

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