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Ron Cihuatan

Cihuatan Indigo 8 year old Rum / 70cl

Cihuatan Indigo 8 year old Rum / 70cl

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This is a very classy 8 Year Old column distilled rum from a relatively new player in the rum game, Ron Cihuatan.

Cihuatan were founded in 2004 and is El Salvador's only rum distillery. As the offshoot of long established sugar producer Ingenio La Cabaña they haven't been under the same pressures as some new distilleries and have had the luxury of allowing their rums the time needed to mature and the Indigo 8 year old was their first release, starting in 2015.

Matured solely in ex-Bourbon barrels the Indigo is smooth and elegant with hints of creamy dulce de lache, vanilla, cappuccino, cocoa, lemongrass and hazelnut.

Ron Cihuatán

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