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Dubonnet Red Vermouth / 75cl

Dubonnet Red Vermouth / 75cl

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For over 170 years, Dubonnet Rouge Grand Aperitif de France has been celebrated around the world as an authority on the aperitif tradition. Crafted from a proprietary blend of red wine, herbs and spices.

Dubonnet is created using a proprietary recipe. Four Factors create Dubonnet’s iconic flavor:

Red Wine Base Distinct blend of grapes-RubyRed, rubicabernet and Muscat of Alexandria gives rich & balanced flavor.

Proprietary Blend of Herbs & Spices Black Currant, Essence of Tea Varietals, and other ingredients lends complexity of taste and potent body.

Cinchona Tree Bark Original medicinal ingredient derived from bark of the cinchona tree lends a dry tannin note.

Cane Sugar 100% Cane Sugar adds a touch of sweetness.

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