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Chateau de l’Aujardiere

Muscadet Coteaux de La Loire Sur Lie 'Escapades' / 2021 / 75cl

Muscadet Coteaux de La Loire Sur Lie 'Escapades' / 2021 / 75cl

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Château de l'Aujardière has been operated by the Lebrin family since 1850 and was installed on an old manor estate dating back to 1650. The vineyard has obtained the ‘high environmental value’ level 3 certification due to the high level of biodiversity and very low use of chemical aids in the vineyard. The winemaker today is Olivier Lebrin, who’s approach in the vineyard is to promote the natural protection of the vines and a balanced ecosystem that sustains rich, living soils, resulting in nuanced and expressive wines.

The wine is fermented with indigenous as well as selected yeasts to emphasise its unique terroir. The wine is then matured in contact with the fine lees, or ‘sur lie’, in underground tanks for at least six months for added complexity, mouthfeel and freshness. The nose expresses aromas of white peach and pear with floral notes. On the palate the wine has a supple mouthfeel and a long finish.

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