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Spirit of Birmingham

Spirit of Birmingham 8 year old Jamaican Rum / 50cl

Spirit of Birmingham 8 year old Jamaican Rum / 50cl

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Bought to you by public request! Spirit of Birmingham don't make rum & won't pretend to. However when so many of us asked if they would release a rum, they decided it was time to invite a special guest to our distillery.

They'd have to be single, interesting, with great taste and integrity. Single barrel, no blending, no added colour or sugar - the spirit & expertise of the distiller, is exposed.

SoB Rum is a specially selected barrel of Jamaican origin. Distilled from molasses in February 2015, transported to the UK, casked & aged in an ex-bourbon barrel for 7 years.

They can't tell us the distillery; but apparently they're kind of a big deal...

Nose: Butterscotch, sweet bananas & cherry bakewell.

Palate: Pear drops, custard pastries, ginger, gentle oak spice

Finish: Spice lingers for a long time, with hints of palate refreshing menthol

Made from molasses.  Approx 380 bottles ONLY.

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